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23/03 to 09/04

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Sara Caso Gallery

What is this site?

Probably, the best Art Gallery in the world 😉.

We work with more than 40 contemporary artists y collaborate with hundreds of artists throughout the year. The entire space is a large exhibition hall.

Yes, the pieces you see hanging are by our artists! But this is not a traditional Art Gallery .... wait, wait... we'll tell you...

The Gallery has two spaces:

On the left, the space is designed so that you can come and enjoy art while you have a drink, breakfast or a snack with friends. At the back we have a room where we have individual exhibitions, art classes, history gatherings, book presentations, small concerts and a lot of cultural proposals.

On the right, we have the store and the framing workshop. Here you will find a selection of works by our artists. Unique pieces that we select, curating future artists who will represent the Spanish artistic avant-garde.

Sara Caso Gallery


Galería Sara Caso is a different space in which to immerse yourself in the world of art. Located in Madrid in the Salamanca neighborhood, it presents the viewer with a selection of original works by contemporary Spanish and international artists.

Demystifying the elitist nature of art, it aims to bring the works of artists to the general public. To this end, it presents a selection of unique pieces at reasonable prices.


Protection measures for small collections

In recent times we have witnessed interesting initiatives to promote the purchase of art online and in physical galleries among young or uninitiated collectors. For some, collecting is absolutely addictive. The love for art has become a real passion for...


Fountain? What are you telling me? Do you take me for an idiot? But it's a urinal! Art? Stop teasing me. Fountain, 1917, was probably the most influential work of the 20th century. The piece was presented to the Society of Independent Artists of New...

Do you know the world of framing?

An Art in itself unknown to most, it is a universe full of possibilities where the limit is in the imagination. Our framing workshop is, let's put it this way, the jewel in the crown. A craft to which hardly any attention is paid and that to us is a...

Van Gogh Alive, the Experience at the Circulo de Bellas Artes

Until February 26, 2019 at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid we will be able to enter inside the work of Van Gogh. The exhibition is not a typical museum exhibition. In fact in this exhibition we will not see any original piece of the painter. It is a multi-media exhibition of...


The exhibition Manet, Degas, the Impressionists and Photography, a temporary exhibition to be presented by the Thyssen Museum at the end of 2019, reflects on the relationship between the Impressionists and photography, analyzing the mutual affinities and influences. In a way...


Until next February 3 we have at IFEMA the unauthorized exhibition of Banksy, Genius or vandal? Banksy is the pseudonym used by the British urban artist although little is known about his true identity. Graffiti artist, vandal, activist... many are the...