Alejandra Piñango

My goal is to be an explorer of the gesture of painting, of the mind, of color and the infinite experiences that the creative act grants. I consider myself an expressionist and color is fundamental to me. I consider painting as a game between form, contrast and texture.

Ana Patitú

I seek to increase people's sensitivity, their introspective, reflective and empathetic capacity. I paint the human figure as a way to represent emotional states.

Carlota de Mateo

For me art is fun, my pieces transmit that. The joy and what I enjoy when developing them, how wonderful it is to imagine completely surreal things and carry them out.

Claudia D. Roscelli

Color, air, space and light are the elements with which this young multidisciplinary artist and photographer composes her works. Works in which nature and body merge to form fresh, delicate and full of life pieces.

Chema Ballester

For me to create abstract geometries is to order all those ideas that are loose in my head and organize them to create a perfect and infinite symmetry.

Eulennys Moreno

Eu Moreno, interprets his concerns through the dance between painting and sculpture. His work is an abstract journey to the particular vision of his inner universe, where color, three-dimensionality, maximalism and frequent use of angles, break the barrier between viewer and work, literally transcending the plane. 

Eva González Morán

Captivated since she was a child by portraiture, and always through the watercolor she grew up with, she shows us faces in moments of introspection, loaded with symbolism through botanical elements, which immediately connect with the viewer.

Elisa Valsangiacomo

Elisa is a realistic and intimate painter who turns everyday spaces into magical and evocative places thanks to the use of light, which plays a fundamental role in her work. fundamental role in her work.

Irene García

Irene generally works in large formats, with oils. She selects subjects that allow her to play freely with the content and the elements of the composition, allowing her to enjoy the process of creating images.

Jazzy Dope

I have a figurative language contaminated by Graffiti and the culture of my generation that is based on drawing and narrative deformation. I use portraiture to tell stories.

María Sánchez

Artistic research is a response to the vital existence. She represents in her paintings, fragments of her most intimate diary about home, identity and the context that surrounds her.

Macarena Sanz

I have found in the watercolor my own channel of expression, my personal search...the way in which I sow everything that inspires me and I see it grow...flow...change....

I delve into the search for serenity, not as the absence of passions, but as the ability to remain calm in the midst of the storm.....

Menchu Uroz

Painting and drawing are my main means of expression.
Women and nature; reality and dreams; space and drawing; painting and light; color and balance...
I create languages between ideas that arise from the vital and the imagination.


I come from a family of draftsmen and artisans. I have seen pencils, rotrings, gouges and papers everywhere, they have been part of my life and they are still here, they are the way of expression with which I communicate more easily, the place where I always want to be, happiness!

Sara Caso

An abstract painter, her work, mostly mixed media, communicates through colors and shapes. Caso's work unconsciously dialogues with the observer, establishing a connection between her work and the mind of the observer..

Yoshihito Suzuki

His works focus on the rapprochement of opposing concepts such as "The sacred and the profane". Mosschen's organic drawing pattern is inspired by moss and lichen, and reproduces their characteristics on artificial concepts.


Alexander Grahovsky

Grahovsky's painting focuses on how we experience time and those things that invite us to dream, to live other worlds. As if Magritte, Hopper and Hockney were sitting down for coffee with David Lynch and Viviane Sassen.


Ana Thomé

My name is Ana Thomé Rodríguez, I studied Environmental Sciences, but I decided to change field work for the Adobe package and dedicate myself to the world of creativity. Currently I juggle my work as an illustrator (@anilustraconcolor) with my other job as a Graphic Designer in a company.

Carmen Ignacio

My need and desire to paint is with me since I was a child when I saw my father painting every day and there I am still, looking for the emotion and sensitivity in painting that produces in me the everyday, what surrounds me, what I live.

Daniel Largo

With water enamel and spray on wood Daniel Largo creates Universes that explain our reality through intricate Symbologies. Each work possesses a personal ecosystem from which it is difficult to abstract once it is known.


Fernando Fom

I develop my work as an illustrator to show everything that surrounds me with a pop air. I like to combine organic shapes with geometric strokes, I love imperfection, mistakes and textures.


Isabel Guirao

Joyful and energetic. Such is the work of Isabel Guirao, a Barcelona-born artist, currently living in Valencia, whose compositions make the viewer enjoy the liberation of its forms and the strength of color.


Kiko CLJ

My art is pure improvisation, the colors and shapes are full of symbolism. And of course Cosmo, my alter ego, protagonist of all my parties (as I like to call my works).


jon amorrortu emerging artist sara caso gallery

Jon Amorrortu

His work is characterized by long sessions of painting from life, notebook work, the use of collage and a very direct painting. The interest behind his paintings lies in his everyday life.

Maravillas Artero

I work from my own biography using painting as a language, like the one who writes a diary. Through my work I investigate the common places of my generation.


Marta Adalid

In my painting there is always a dance between figurative representation and abstraction. The expressiveness, strength and organics that characterize the human body are evident.


Mayesa Mira

After years of research, he is rescuing ancestral techniques such as fatty tempera, Japanese gouache and encaustic with beeswax to capture colors full of light on linen, cotton or handmade paper canvases. Alcohol and latex also make his works non-toxic and eco-sustainable.


Through worlds carefully generated in 3d I show you my complaint, sorry my inrevolutionary terior in an uncensored place, the art is my escopeta. Art is my way of choosing the "wrong" path and getting lost...

"art is to find myself again".

Paula Dornan

Through botanical materials, I configure my artistic language with the aim of portraying memory and recollection. Nature and photography converge to configure a new way of observing reality.


UNPATRUS, is born of color as the main engine of expression by which I try to convey the moment in which we live, concerns, desires, embodied in situations that I capture in my works. Own moments but also stolen moments, which are diluted in tonalities, traveling between the figurative and the abstract.

Noé Peiró Sansano

Noé is a Valencian artist who combines his studio work with his work as a muralist. In his work we can highlight the predominance of the representation of the toy, as his main interest lies in the great weight of this in cognitive development.

Alejandro Garófano

My painting is a tangible result of a digital experience of the world around me. I use nature and the broad meaning of it to recreate scenes and new realities to immerse myself in.

Álvaro Ruiz Pérez

ÁlvaroRuizPerez works is known for showing the everyday life and the context that surrounds him, with a very personal realistic technique brilliantly accompanied by a color that is always adequate and contained.

Beatriz Lorenzo

His interest when creating his works is focused on representing a subjective reality taking imagination as the triggering element of creation. He is interested in leaving a trace of gesture as a symbol that the work is something alive.

diego hernandez emerging artist sara caso gallery

Diego Hernandez

The artistic work of Diego Hernández is composed of diverse elements. It is a set of pieces where it is possible to observe architectures, furniture, ornaments and decorations, in which magical characters, fantasy locations and imaginary beings interact.

Carlos Ginel

I work in watercolor and oil, both with a similar approach, portrait and deconstructed human figure, broken forms, with a contemporary tone and loose brushstrokes with defined planes.

Dina Karamergenova

It's you and me, each of us. They are our stories captured in looks, poses, in our bed or room. It is our inner world, so complex, intimate and individual, told through painting.

Cholo Art

My work is based on using art paintings from the past and versioning them to give them a new approach and tell a different story. In my works I combine acid colors and surrealism, creating a style that could fit in neopop.

Daniela Jacques

My work installs color as the main element, in addition to highlighting the asymmetry, the imperfect and the irregular. I am inspired by the world of feelings and emotions. I like to work with mixed techniques and fast drying materials.

Eva Menezz

Mainly figurative painter recreates in her works a cheerful and colorful universe full of references and symbolism close to illustration. At the same time she has developed a new line of work Pictorial / Sculptural Abstract, "Blocks" where color is shown resounding and vital.

Gema Álvaro

She is linked to the art world from different points of view, from her studies as an art historian, from conservation, as a restorer of cultural property, and as a creator, as a painter and illustrator.

In his pieces one can appreciate a dreamlike, fantastic universe, full of reminiscences of nature and the animal world.

Irene Fabra

His oil on paper landscapes are very careful, intimate works with Mediterranean light that oscillate between abstraction and something more concrete. They are born from memory and imagination, where color is the protagonist.


Makarrón is an urban artist born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and generates work influenced by techniques such as graffiti, fashion, painting and design among others.

Lucía Astuy

Intertwining existential doubts with adorable creatures, Lucía Astuy combines acrylic, oil, pencils, ink and crayons to embark on a flight with colorful characters that look you in the eye.

Naza del Rosal

Naza del Rosal's work is an infinite experiment of the circle of thoughts and visions of the mind.

A capture into the essence of the divine and the transcendental, revealing a sacred connection between the tangible world and the spiritual plane.

Pipi Pírez

Pipi Pírez (Madrid, 1997) offers an introspective experience by extolling different human traits. The artist uses the visual metaphor as the main tool to relate the everyday concepts of our environment with other more abstract, emotional concepts that delve into the complexity of interpersonal relationships.