Art classes for children

What areo are our art events for children?

Throughout our meetings we will explore different artistic techniques: drawing, painting, collage, graffiti, modeling... and we will deal with all kinds of subjects: landscape, portrait, drawing and painting from life. In addition, we will study and reinterpret different artists in order to learn the different artistic movements, both classical and modern, and above all, we will do exercises to develop creativity, imagination and observation.

Our dynamic is individualized and, although we set certain guidelines, the children develop the work with total freedom, there is no mandatory result or objective. We like them to come up with different solutions, thus encouraging their initiative and critical thinking.

What are our are our objectives?

Our main objectives are to awaken in them the curiosity and interest in art and artistic creation, to develop creativity and imagination and to teach them to look as a true artist does but always keeping the pure look of a child.


These are our open hours. Mondays or Wednesdays from 17.15 to 18.45 hours and small groups (10-12 seats) that allow us to maintain the safety distance. You can choose the shift of class (1.5 hours) that best suits you:

(Dates may change depending on the group of people signed up)

How does it work?

Our art events are designed so that each week you have a meeting place and time where you can enjoy the experience of creating your own pieces. Accompanied by our team of artists, they will guide you in your creative process, offering you help to achieve your goals.

There are 4 classes per month, one hour and a half per class.

-Classes are paid the first week of the month and are on a monthly basis.

It is not possible to take single classes, only the whole month. The number of times you attend a class is optional, you can attend up to a maximum of 4 classes per month.

-No license plate.

-If you are not sure, you can come and pay for a single trial lesson.

In classes for children we provide the materials.

-Money is not refundable.

*If you are unable to come, you have the option to try to make up the class at another time.

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Dic 14 2023


12:00 am - 8:00 pm

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