Fragile World - Water 01 Reverse - Yoshihito Suzuki

This series "Fragile World" was developed from the previous series "Organic Idea" whose purpose is to bring the artificial closer to the natural conceptually. The theme of Fragile World is fragility and ephemerality, enhanced by the Kintsugi effect.

As the artist thinks that both the artificial and the natural are fragile and ephemeral, he makes the works of this series imitating such a fragile material as ceramic. He actually uses light gray instead of white to give it richness and applies gloss varnish to give it a ceramic-like shine. The blue drawing is made in an improvised way with a felt-tip pen.

Regarding the pattern of organic drawings, it is inspired by moss and lichen that's why it is called Mosschen (Moss from moss + lichen from lichen). These mini mighty plants that are abundant in many places in the world even in extreme conditions are grouped with others and create a small universe. Mosschen reproduce this habit as a pattern on artificial concepts.

The artist thinks that the world is fragile but in spite of that, once broken it can be repaired and can be even more beautiful. So the project also has another more positive meaning which is the Sustainable World inspired by the concept of Kintsugi.

Materials used: Painted and drawn directly on a recycled can.

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