Piece 15C of the collection: "The beauty of the minuscule".

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Dimensions 35 × 50 cm

Fuchsia, Black, Pink






Mixed media


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The work is made on paper with a size of 35X50 cm and using a mixed technique, where metallic tones take an essential place.

The collection of works on paper "The beauty of the minuscule" speaks of delicacy, of the beauty of randomness, of the movement and rhythm that is part of the universe. First the apprentice obeys rules and limits and later, as a mature artist, he uses what was initially forbidden to create the sublime.
It is the moment when we break the rules that our hand has the power of creation and our eyes the ability to see excellence and immortalize it.

Unframed work.

It is recommended to be framed in a showcase with white background and architect frame.