Piece 4B of the collection "The beauty of the minuscule".

La obra está realizada sobre un papel con un tamaño  de 50X70 cm y utilizando una técnica mixta, donde los tonos metálicos cobran un lugar esencial, de la colección “La belleza de lo minúsculo” merece ser observada desde los ojos de un joyero ya que cada una de sus piezas se ha realizado con mimo y la magia que nos hace crear belleza a los artistas.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

Beige, Blanco, Dorado, Gris






Acrylic, Mixed media


Sold out


It is a collection with two formats, 50x70cm and 35×50 vertical format both.

The work is made on a paper selected with intention and care, on it have been dropped some spots of acrylics and pigment and where the metallic tones take an essential place, the set of materials as they have been used results in a kind of spots with the excellence of the natural, that which when we look at it we recognize, all those textures, the chromatism, communicates wealth, we are talking about a delicacy something that delights us and transports us to paradise.

You can find this piece in the Sara Caso Gallery unframed. With the help of Sara and her team you can acquire your best choice and dress it with the most suitable frame for the decorative space.

The collection "The beauty of the minuscule" deserves to be observed from the eyes of a jeweler because each of its pieces has been made with care and the magic that makes us artists create beauty.