Untitled II_ Beatriz Lorenzo

The works I present in this exhibition have as a common thread the research about the relationship between painting and textile art, which despite being two artistic disciplines with very different characteristics and techniques, share a very special connection.

I am interested in the interrelationship that is established when both disciplines are combined, the textures that fabrics can bring to painting and the very tactile character and the emotions and sensations that threads, fabrics and wool can bring to the work.

In this exhibition, we will delve into this relationship between painting and textile art, and explore how these two disciplines have influenced each other throughout my painting practice.

In the works you can clearly see the influence of the traditional embroidery of the Sierra de Francia (Salamanca) and the traditional wool knitting.

From the embroidery of the Sierra de Francia I appreciate the influence of its textures and the graphic patterns with which the figures are filled. But not only its physical appearance, also the iconography has a very remarkable presence.

The inclusion of threads and wool makes the works break their two-dimensionality and take us back to tradition, where textile art was a discipline performed mainly by women and whose legacy is being lost, since what is considered "craft" does not enjoy the same consideration as what is considered "art". In my works I like to reflect on the false barriers that separate art from craftsmanship and to give value to pieces that in the past were confined to the interior of the home.

In the tour through the works, one can also appreciate a stylistic evolution, where imagination is gaining more and more prominence over the faithful representation of reality. Imagination is the engine that drives artists to generate new ideas, to experiment with different techniques and to create works that transmit emotions and sensations to the viewer. It is also a way of being able to visualize the works before creating them and it is also a way of connecting with the public.

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Dimensions 30 × 42 cm

Blue, White, Red






Mixed media


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